BF1 Cosmetic GMP Manufacturer Approved By National Pharmaceutical Regulatory Agency (NPRA) for Anti Bacterial sanitizer, fragrances, natural herbal products, pure essential oils, body perfumes, skin care, cosmetic and household products since 2002.

BF1 offer free online training classes for all Malaysian to understand important regulation control from NPRA and how you can perform homemade cosmetic with safe ingredients. Protect your skin, health and families.

We created some formulation guideline for you to mix and match the safe ingredients for the daily skincare, body care, perfume and household products.

Online Formulation Guide :

BF1 will update more product range from time to time to help customers understand the mixing formulation and the safety guideline.

Online Training Classes

KKM or NPRA Approval Checking :

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Step 2 : Choose Cosmetic
Step 3 : Search By : Manufacturer Name
Step 4 : Search ” Best Formula ”
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